The emoji movie rotten tomatoes

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The emoji movie rotten tomatoes

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You knew it was going to happen sooner or later — an aspect of our everyday habits made into a movie. And Sony was the studio that dove in and did it.»The Emoji Movie» opens this weekend, and critics aren’t too happy about it.
As one put it: «This failed attempt to create a story from a texting trend makes the worst comic book adaptation look like Shakespeare.»The animated movie starring T.J. Miller as Gene, the «meh» emoji, who goes on an adventure in a teen’s phone, received the dreaded 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.Here’s why the movie is one of the worst-reviewed of the year (which will either make you run as fast as you can from the multiplex or motivate you even more to see it):
The movie’s premise of a pair of rogue emojis setting out to find meaning and purpose isn’t all that original. It has similar beats as the better-executed Pixar movie «Inside Out,» which followed the journey of a girl’s emotions.Variety called it a «witless ‘Inside Out.'»While on the subject of the movie’s deeper meaning, Vulture wrote: «There is a mumbled, shorthand moral about staying true to yourself in all this, but it is drowned out by the wall-to-wall cynicism that is ‘The Emoji Movie’s’ entire reason for existing in the first place.»

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“The only thing worse than the dialogue” ― which is “braindead” ― “is the absurd product placement.”The film is “exactly what its posters would lead you to believe it is: an animated narrative film about emoji.” But make no mistake: “Children should not be allowed to watch ‘The Emoji Movie’” because ”‘The Emoji Movie’ is ‘Inside Out’ crossed with a Sony commercial and dunked in toxic ooze” and a “callous cash grab that fully understands what a parent circa 2017 needs to keep the kids contained.”It “lacks humor, wit, ideas, visual style, compelling performances, a point of view or any other distinguishing characteristic,” including “logic, or anything remotely close to heart.” In fact, the film’s” “utter awfulness,” “pervasive falseness” and “sloppily tied knot of faux-inspirational morals” make it “less of a movie and more of an insult.” “As creatively bankrupt a picture as can be,” “this is nothing but shameless pandering to a demographic that really doesn’t know better.”Advertisement

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The Emoji Movie is one of the worst-reviewed major releases in recent history. The picture didn’t just earn an 8% fresh over at Rotten Tomatoes (with three positive reviews out of 40), it made an average critic’ score of 2/10. That’s awful. There are plenty of films that received zero positive reviews (One Missed Call, Ballistic: Eck v Sever, etc.) that nonetheless earned better average critic scores. It’s not a record, mind you, as (for example) Bucky Larson: How to Be a Star received a 0% with 35 reviews and a 1.6/10 average critic ranking. But among major studio releases, that’s… How does one make a “poop” emoji? And yet it scored a pretty solid (as of this writing) $25 million debut weekend.
There was a lot of talk in early summer about the Rotten Tomatoes effect, specifically after Baywatch, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and The Mummy underperformed in relation to pre-release tracking after the review embargo dropped unleashing a sea of negative critiques. The theme got so bad that Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. didn’t bother screening the Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler comedy The House for critics. They correctly guessed that it was the kind of film that would get a bunch of “meh” reviews (average score: 3.6/10) yet get stuck with a truly awful Tomatometer ranking (since the fresh/rotten thing only measures how many critics gave it at least a 6/10) of 18%.

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Hollywood might have cracked the code on how to make money for its movies that get a bad Rotten Tomatoes score.Despite «The Emoji Movie» having a 0% rating on the review aggregator site going into its opening weekend last week (it currently has a 6% rating), the movie battled for the top spot at the domestic box office, eventually coming in second to «Dunkirk.» It still pulled in an astounding $24.5 million for the weekend.
Sony believes it was the strategy of not allowing critics to run their reviews until Thursday last week (the day the preview showings began) that worked. The movie ended up winning the Friday box office with $10 million.»What other wide release with a score under 8 percent has opened north of $20 million? I don’t think there is one,» Josh Greenstein, Sony Pictures president of worldwide marketing and distribution, told The Hollywood Reporter.In recent years, the Rotten Tomatoes score for a movie has become a huge marketing tactic for studios. If a movie is in the high 90% («Wonder Woman,» «Baby Driver») or hit that 100% mark («Get Out»), the studio puts it on everything from TV spots to web banners.And a big reason for that is practically everyone visits Rotten Tomatoes before deciding to see a movie, and the studios know it. According to THR, Nielsen Research Group found seven out of 10 people said they would be less interested in seeing a movie if the Rotten Tomatoes score was zero to 25. And social media research firm Fizziology, which tracks every major Hollywood release, discovered a Rotten Tomatoes score has the most influence on moviegoers 25 and younger.

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