Samsung galaxy s21 ultra colores

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Samsung galaxy s21 ultra colores

Samsung galaxy s21 plus colors

Samsung officially revealed the Galaxy S21 series at the January 14 Unpacked event. If you’ve now made a choice to purchase (or upgrade to) one of the three 2021 flagship Samsung phones and it’s time to select your color finish, you’ve come to the right place! Here we’ll present to you all the Galaxy S21 color options you can pick from.
Samsung Galaxy S21 colorsSamsung Galaxy S21+ colorsSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra colorsLet’s take a deeper dive into the Galaxy S21 color options, in an attempt to help you choose which Galaxy S21 color you should get. And also, fun fact – those beautiful S21 colors match the ones available for Samsung’s newly-announced Galaxy Buds Pro, so you can have your new phone match your wireless earbuds perfectly.Galaxy S21 and S21+ in Phantom Violet
Let’s start with what is shaping to be the color of this Galaxy season: Phantom Violet. This color seems to inspire creativeness and boldness. The finish is matte, complemented by a fashionable gold frame. The camera bump is also painted in the same gold color, which underlines the S21’s very unique design. Keep in mind that in certain lighting conditions, the gold may appear lighter than in the official photos, more like a silvery gold. This color is available only for the 128GB storage option, for both models. If you like to experiment with your smartphone look and you’re not afraid of attracting attention, this color will definitely not disappoint you. In this case, your Galaxy S21 or S21+ will not be just your flagship phone, it will be a statement.Galaxy S21 in Phantom Pink

samsung galaxy s21 características

Esta tarde tenemos una cita, probablemente la primera más importante en el mundo de la tecnología en este 2021. La surcoreana Samsung ya tiene preparada toda su artillería y esta misma tarde nos mostrará al detalle sus Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ y S21 Ultra, la nueva familia tope de gama que despertará el interés de sus fans y del resto de tecnófilos.
El modelo “base”, el Samsung Galaxy S21 estaría disponible en cuatro tonalidades diferentes: negro, blanco, rosa y violeta. El toque diferenciador lo pone el módulo de su cámara, también en distintos colores: negro, blanco y dorado.
En el caso del Samsung Galaxy S21+ se incluyen las siguientes combinaciones de colores: negro con módulo de la cámara en el mismo color, blanco también con el mismo tono en su cámara, y violeta, rosa y rojo, con el módulo de la cámara en dorado.

samsung s21 plus

Having a gadget in 2021 is not about just performance, but having something that adds to your persona. After all, that’s the least to expect after spending thousands of dollars. Well, when it comes to Samsung, the Korean smartphone manufacturer has always left us in awe.
And a significant addition to their product line has come in the form of the new Galaxy S21. Launched on January 14, 2021, and expected to release around the 29th, this range of smartphones is bound to turn heads as well. Reason? The exotic colour options available with the same.
With a total of 6 attractive colour variants on offer, selecting the best one might seem like a tough decision. However, with us at your side, you never have to worry. In this article, we will walk you through all the colour options available and the reason why your choice might be a perfect one.
Certainly, the only colour option among the six, believed to be pulling the weight on its side is Phantom Violet. Unique in looks and variation, this colour option seems to inspire creativity. The matte finish is complemented by a beautiful gold frame which both completes and complements the look of this smartphone.

samsung galaxy a series

If you’ve been thinking of picking up Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G lately, then you might like to know that the phone is now available in a new color. Samsung today announced that the phone will now be available in Navy Blue, adding to the black, gray, and white colors the phone was already available in. Unfortunately, the navy Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is only available at a specific retailer, so you’ll need to buy through them if you want it.
The navy version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is only available through Best Buy, but the good news is that you won’t necessarily need to go into a store to pick one up, as the navy model is also available on Best Buy’s website. The company is currently running a promotion that will shave $200 off the purchase price of the phone – bringing it down to $999.99 – but you’ll have to activate it when you buy it.
If you’d prefer not to activate the phone at the point of sale, you can still get a navy Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, but it’ll cost you the normal retail price of $1,199.99. That is quite a bit of money and since you wouldn’t be activating it on a carrier’s payment plan, Best Buy would require that amount all up front.

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