Descargar whatsapp plus para android

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Descargar whatsapp plus para android

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¿Te has preguntado si existe otra manera de comunicarte a través de la aplicación de whatsapp? Seguramente ya te han contando qué es whatsapp plus, un mod de la aplicación oficial de heymods, pero ¿Sabes como funciona?
Una de las cosas que hacen que whatsapp plus sea más atractiva que la aplicación original, es la posibilidad de cambiar su estilo, colores y fondos de pantalla. Además incorpora cientos de emoticones diferentes para compartir con tus amigos.
Si la privacidad no te interesa pero estás cansado/a del estilo básico que tiene whatsapp plus y eres un fanático de los emojis y enviar fotos de alta calidad, entonces ésta aplicación podría venirte al pelo.
Recuerda que algunas funciones solo tendrán sentido si la persona con la que dialogas también tiene whatsapp plus. En éste caso te recomendamos compartir ésta web para que otros vean lo bueno que pueden hacer con ésta aplicación.
La principal diferencia del whatsapp normal, es que es posible cambiar completamente el aspecto de la interfaz, puedes instalar diferentes tipos de temas de forma rápida y sencilla, son completamente …Leer Más

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For this reason, many developers work on releasing MODs or modified versions of the original app to send messages, emoticons, audios, photos or videos, as is the case of this WhatsApp Plus Reborn, to try to improve the official app with all sorts of new functions or increasing the limits in terms of types of compatible files or their sizes.
On the other hand, we have to point out that this kind of development isn’t authorized by WhatsApp, as the developers of these MODs modify the original source code of the official app which is not open source. That means that any MOD users can run the risk of getting banned from the service, whether temporarily as a warning or forever if he gets caught on more than one occasion. This version of WhatsApp is precisely introduced as the antiban WhatsApp MOD although we wouldn’t trust that statement 100%.
If you want to risk a ban, at least make it worthwhile with a MOD that comes along with greater advantages. For such purpose, we recommend the use of GBWhatsApp or YOWhatsApp that bring along improved functions such as the possibility to use two WA accounts from the same device or to send photos without losing any quality.

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If we compare WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp we will find almost no difference between them, so choosing between one and the other will depend on very personal factors. Both of them allow you to do everything that is possible to do with WhatsApp Messenger, as well as offering additional options that are not present in the official version of the messaging client. And with regard to these additional functions, they also have practically the same features.
The appearance of the options menu is also similar, although you simply change the name of the app at the top. And the choices themselves are also the same. Both have identical privacy options that allow us to show or not show whether we are connected and online, to hide the time of the last connection without giving up seeing that of others, to hide when a message is being written or to deactivate the double blue check that indicates that a message has been read, just to mention a few examples. The same goes for the security options, where it is possible to block access by different methods or to hide conversations.

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If there’s one application that can’t go missing on any smartphone in the world, whether Android or iPhone, it definitely has to be WhatsApp. The instant messaging and chat app conquered millions of users some time ago, who forgot about sending SMS messages and moved over to this service that’s based on traffic sent over data networks.
Amongst the most popular applications of this nature, we have to mention WhatsApp Plus, a mod that we can download for free to customize the application with options that go way beyond those offered natively by WhatsApp.
Well, as we said above, it can be used to customize the messaging and chat app. It’s mainly aimed at all those users that aren’t fully satisfied with the latter, and that simply use it because everybody else does so too, even if there are other alternatives of the likes of Telegram that may be better.
Almost everyone thinks that this messenger has quite a few aspects that could be greatly improved and that’s precisely what this APK intends to do. So here goes a list of features available once you download WhatsApp Plus:

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