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Panteon real de san isidoro de leon

Catedral de león

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The Kingdom of León was one of the most important of all those of the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Age. Specialy between 910 with the movement of the capital form Oviedo to León and the 1230 when León is put together with Castilla under the King Fernando the 3rd the Saint.
Fernando the 1st (1037-1065) “the Great” expands the borders of the Kingdom to Valencia. He and his wife, the Queen Sancha, brought the Romanesque art to this land, installed here the Royal Palace and consecrated the basilica with the remains of Saint Isidoro.
The Royal Panteon is a marvellous place wellknown as “The Sistine Chapel of the Romanesque Art”. Here lie 33 members of the Leonese Court, 11 kings, 12 queens, 10 infantes (princes) and 9 counts, together with a number of nobles. The building of the place was ordered by the King Ferdinand the 1st and the Queen Sancha.
The most importnat elements are the paintings. These are frescoes, When mineral pigments are applied, still moist lime, if this is done at the right time a chemical reaction occurs upon contact with lime pigment such that they become one with the wall and stay forever. They were great artists with the tecnic and aesthetics in the Romanesque.

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Panteó de reis de San Isidoro de León (ca); Panteón de reyes de San Isidoro de León (es); Panteon Rouaned León (br); Panteón de Reis de Santo Isidoro de León (gl); Каралеўскі пантэон (be); Royal Pantheon (en); Πάνθεον των βασιλέων της Λεόν (el); Panteón de reis de San Isidoro de Llión (ast) panteó dels reis de Lleó (ca); Funeral chapel of the Kings of León, Spain (en); Mausoleum in Spanien (de); panteón de los reyes de León (es) Panteón de los Reyes, Colegiata de San Isidoro, Léon, Panteón de la Real Colegiata de San Isidoro de León, Panteon de la Real Colegiata de San Isidoro de Leon (en); Panteon de reyes de San Isidoro de Leon, Panteón de los reyes de León (es)


Otras representaciones de episodios de la infancia de Jesucristo, como la circuncisión, la comitiva de los Reyes Magos o la huida a Egipto, se encuentran muy deterioradas. No así la Degollación de los Inocentes, para la que el artista no escatimó detalle alguno en tan macabra escena. En el centro de la misma, un borroso Herodes, sentado en un faldistorio, es escoltado por un soldado con espadón al hombro y escudo. Rodeándoles, varios soldados decapitan, mutilan o atraviesan con sus lanzas los cuerpos desnudos de las criaturas.

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